Get a document published when a UserTask step is executed


this is a copy of the message I posted to the forum “MWS, CAF & Task Engine”. I post a copy here because the question has a dual nature: both the process engine and the task engine are involved.

We have some process models with steps of type “User Task”. We’d like to have a “cross cutting” feature that should work as follows:

Every time a “User Task” step is executed (and hence a task is created in the task engine), we’d like to get a document published (on the broker or in UM) with some information about the task just created. At least with its TaskID (even better with TaskTypeID and some other fields). We’d then create a trigger that would process these documents and would get information about all created tasks in one place.

Is this possible with the built-in features of the IS / Process Engine / Task Engine? If yes: How? And what wM version is needed for that?

Or should we write some custom code to achieve that?

Thank you for any hints.