Generating xml schema from the wM document or wM schema

How can I extract the xml schema from the IS schema or document?

We have the document prepared from the xml schema.
For eg:
schema → schema_doc_XXX
document–> doc_XXX

But now we are not finding the original schema that was used to prepare the above IS (Schema+doc)
How can we get the original schema that is used to create the above documents back. I want the original schema which gets validated by xmlspy, so that I can add new elements to this schema and generate the document again.

Is there any way to do this?


You can use pub.schema:createXSD to get the XML Schema from a IS document.

Hope this helps.


At pub.schema:createXSD, how to set the input parameter ‘name’ for the IS document?

Just copy the IS doc and set it as a input paramater to the name variable… basically name takes a fully qualified IS doc name for which you want to generate the xsd…

Hope this helps.

The built-in service pub.schema:createXSD will generate a XML schema (XSD) from an IS document type, specification or service, but it will not create an XSD from an IS schema.

I don’t know of a way to do what you want.


how to specify IS doc type in input parameter


Provide Fully qualified name of the IS Doc in the input (exp pack.folder:docTypeName)

Please note: createXSD will auto-generate an XSD for a given IS document type. It will not give you the exact original schema that was used to create that document, which is what the original poster was apparently seeking.

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