Generating WSDL

While generating WSDL from a simple flow service i get the following warning message
“ISC.0124.9014] Document to XSD Warning: Recursive document type detected. Resulting XML Schema will be valid but may not be supported by some XML Schema processors.” When i try to create the webService connector using this WSDL it fails to create the connector and displays the error as " [ITD.0012.0012] Error occurred while creating Web Service Connector".
I was able to generate the WSDL and create the web service connector successfully in first attempt. But after making some changes in the input/output document in the service i try re-creating the WSDL and getting the above error.
Any thoughts is highly appreciable.



I believe Developer will generate WSDL files with recursive XML schema definitions, but that its Web Services Connector will not consume them.

However, IS will still receive and process a soap message with messages that were created from a schema containing recursive definitions. You just can’t use the Web Services Connector “wizzard” to generate the Flow for you.

You don’t need no stinkin’ wizard anyway. :slight_smile: Use a flow service generated by the web services connector wizzard as a model (not a good one, but a model) to create your own service to consume an inbound message.

One of the major features of the next IS release will be updating its XML schema support. The issue you are encountering is one of the reasons.