Generating PDF file

Hi All,

I want to generate a PDF file from incoming flat file.
Please let me know how to generate PDF file?

Thanks in advance.


Did you decide what tool/services to use - you may have been through other posts that show the different possiblities - I’m attempting this via PDFCreator - if you wanting to use the same - I could possibily give you some directions - I am still battling with certain issues however and cannot guarantee the this is the solution - I did manage to use a simple flow service getting data from my database and piping that to the pdfDocument - but I’m still in the initial stages…

Hi Ramdass,

Thanks for your reply…please provide me your valuable inputs.


Firstly, you need to download the PDFCreator from the Software link of this site and install in IS.

Note that I’m on wM8 and if you are on a different version problems/errors may differ (not sure!)

Let us know how it goes…