Generated Flow Services Not Visible?

Hi, All.

I’ve built and deployed a process. When I use designer to explore the generated package, I don’t see any of the generated flow services. I do see the transition triggers, but that’s all. When I look in the package contents on the file system, I do see all of the generated flow services. I have tried refreshing and reloading the package in designer, and still the services don’t show up there.

What am I missing?


Hi Jason,

For some reasons (god knows), Designer has a setting to hide generated services by default.
Pls see below snapshot to see generated in order to see them.


Thanks, Raj! Yet another one of the 1,000 things that you see on a screen or in a document and it just doesn’t register until it bites you in the a$$.

Cached services and the bizarre way they work were my first example, and the list continues…

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: