Generate XSLT


does anybody know, if it is possible to create a XSLT-Mapping from a Flow-Mapping? I’m looking for a kind “translator”?



Flows typically map from one DocumentType (IData) to another. XSLT maps from XML to XML (or HTML or PDF).

I don’t know of a software gizmo that would do this for you. However, you could create XML strings from each DocType and use something like Altova’s StyleVision or MapForce to create the XSLT stylesheet.



As Mark suggested is the standard approach…

Basically for doing XSLT mapping(.xsl)stylesheets for example XML to XML or EDI or FlatFiles viceversa…you can use following client tools for development/testing phases…
1)StylusStudio or

Then in the flowservice using WmXSLT Adapter transformation services convert the .xsl(stylesheet)to appropriate documentType(XML or EDI etc…)


I Know

  • Sonic Stylus Studio
  • Tiger XSLT Mapper (eclipse plugin)

Both importing Source- and destination-XSD. Based on both documents you may link the fields together. XSL Code is generated in the background.

The Code of Stylus Studio does not satisfy me, because it generates for-each tags instead of apply-templates.

I have a demo version of Tiger. That means I can only have a look at the generated code, and I can not use it. The generated COde looks very good.