Generate Problem ... (xml:lang element?)

I have problem when generating an application, here is my error message:
Processing status
Schema defined--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Application directory created--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Generator started--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Error: 500
Location: /xappgen/GuiServletInternal Servlet Error:
AssertionFailed: schema does not contain the element ‘xml:lang’
schema does not contain the element ‘xml:lang’
at com.softwareag.xtools.xapplication.generator.GenUtil.getElementDefinition(
at com.softwareag.xtools.xapplication.generator.BreadthFirstSearchProcessor.processNode(
at com.softwareag.xtools.xapplication.generator.BreadthFirstSearchProcessor.process(
at com.softwareag.xtools.xapplication.generator.Generator.breadthFirstSearch(
at com.softwareag.xtools.xapplication.generator.Generator.generate(

Attached my schema file, I very sure that my data doesn’t contain any xml:lang element… Then what’s the problem?

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NewsML.TSD (296 KB)


within the currently available version of X-Application (3.1.3), the generator does not support the xml:lang attribute for schemas.

What we did is, we checked you schema with the version we are currently developing (X-Application 4.1.1). Requirement is Tamino 4.1.1 and Tomcat 4.1.18.

After two changes on your schema we were able to generate an application. These changes are:

(1) import of the xml schema to make the xml namespace visible.

(2) the definition of DataContent which has the form

  <xs:element name = "DataContent">
    <xs:complexType mixed = "true">
      <xs:sequence minOccurs = "0">
        <xs:element ref = "nitf" minOccurs = "0" maxOccurs = "unbounded" />
        <xs:any processContents = "skip" minOccurs = "0" maxOccurs = "unbounded" />
      <xs:attribute name = "Duid" type = "xs:ID" />
      <xs:attribute name = "Euid" type = "xs:string" />

was not accepted by the internal schema representation altough we could define the schema with the schema editor. The problem is, that when receiving a document an element ‘nitf’ cannot assigned uniquely to a type definition:
(a) It could be one of the ‘nitf’, but also
(b) It could be one of the 'Any’s.

To test purpose we changed the min/maxOccurs of nitf to 1 (the element is required).

Also possible could be to exclude the namespace of ‘nitf’ to be one of the Any’s by restricting the ‘Any’ declaration. However, I don’t know further details about this possibility.

If you are interested in a pre-release of X-Application 4.1.1 (consider the requirements mentioned above), please contact me directly via Email.



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