generate file .csv


As I can generate a fichero csv from the developer?


use the WmFlatFile package. See 7-1-1_Flat_File_Schema_Developers_Guide.pdf

you can send an example to create a file using WMFLATfile
I’ve tried and I do not do well



  1. Create a Flat File Dictionary

a. Enter record and field definitions as needed.
b. For CSV,

  1. o I prefer to use “Nth position”.
    o Allow for the Record Identifier (see the Schema). I put this in 0, so data fields begin in position 1

c. Save the Dictionary[/list:o:c46cfa0908]
2. Create a Flat File Schema

a. Add a record reference to the record definition in the Dictionary from the Flat File Structure tab
b. Fill in the Flat File Definition tab. For CSV, use “Delimiter” and fill in the delimiter options, such as:

  1. o Record Delimiter - carriage return and line feed
    o Field or Composite - comma
    o Subfield - comma
    o Quoted Release - double quote "
    o Release - double quote "
    o Record Identifier - Nth Field - 0.

c. Save the Schema
d. Create a document (click on the document icon from the Flat File Structure tab)[/list:o:c46cfa0908]
3. Create a flow to populate the document

  • a. Map output data to the document
    b. Use pub.flatFile:convertToString to create the CSV string
    o Copy the FlatFile Schema name to the ffSchema input

    c. Use PSUtilities.file:writeToFile to output the CSV string to a file

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