General Availability (GA) of webMethods ApplinX 10.5

Dear ApplinX users

I’m happy to announce the General Availability (GA) of webMethods ApplinX 10.5 as a part of webMethods Suite 2019OCT (10.5) release.
The GA release is available for all ApplinX customers.

Here are the new features in this release:

  • ApplinX Web Emulator as Part of the ApplinX Docker Image
    The ApplinX docker image now contains an ApplinX web emulation.
    Here you can configure host connectivity and various application settings within the browser.
    In previous versions this was only possible using ApplinX Designer.
  • Administration Improvements for the Natural-UNIX Host
  • Better Correlation between the ApplinX Session and the Natural Process
    It is now easier to track the ApplinX session ID for a NATAPX process within the Natural environment, and the Natural user used by an ApplinX session within the ApplinX Administrator.
  • Health Check in a Docker Environment
    A utility is provided to check that all components (ApplinX server, ApplinX Natural daemon, Natural, Adabas) are functioning in a Docker environment. See Building an ApplinX Docker Image.
  • Customized Startup of Natural Applications
    When you start a Natural application in ApplinX you can now specify additional information using the CUSTOM argument.
    See Starting a New Natural Application.
  • Security Support under Natural UNIX
    The following security models are supported in a Natural for UNIX environment:
    You can now configure PAM authentication (for LDAP/Kerberos integration) within the ApplinX Natural daemon.
    See Authentication under Configuration Files in the Appendix C: Natural for UNIX Installation.
  • Copy Session ID
    The ApplinX session ID is visible in the Administrator session view. You can copy this ID to your clipboard with CTRL+C, the context menu or by pressing the Copy icon.
  • New Platform Support
    Visual Studio 2017
    Designer plug-in environment based on Eclipse 4.11
    Log4J version 2.x
  • Documentation
    New section on setting up your ApplinX environment for High Availability with container orchestration has been added. See High Availability with Container Orchestration.

This version is now available for download from Empower under the name ApplinX (v10.5)

Best regards,
Gadi Benedek
ApplinX R&D Product Manager

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