GEAR Methodology

Hi Team,

webMethods used to have GEAR as the best practices methodology for design and providing architect solution for 6x version
Does Software AG still propose GEAR for webMethods (9.x versions)?
Is there a new best practices methodology recommended by Software AG If so, where can I find the documentation related to it?

Can some one please share old GEAR documents?

GEAR 6 Architecting White
GEAR 6 Architecture Approach and Guidelines.pdf"
GEAR 6 Integration Design Template.doc
GEAR 6 Performance Tuning White Paper.pdf
GEAR 6 Architecture Components Overview.pdf
GEAR 6 Integration Pitfalls White Paper.pdf

I have search over google but it always route me to advantage website which was retard now even in SAG documentaion or knowledge base
I didn’t find these documents

If by chance any one has these documents stored in there CPU/google drive then kindly share, it will be great HELP !
(link,arcticle,blog or google document link so that I can download this gear solution documents)

Appreciate your response

As per my knowledge and experience, GEAR doc was created originally in 2003 for wM 6.x. I am not sure if they have one for wM 7 and above which can be publicly downloaded.

For your information Gear documentation is no longer publicly available. I assume GCS offers a service called PRIME initiatives which may be helpful. You must contact GCS or your SoftwareAG Sales Representative.

However I would still recommend you to refer the SAG documentation which will suffice your need and requirement.

Thanks Mahesh,

With reps PRIME methodology documents i believe it’s a paid service support so as of now i don’t have access to download

By chance if you have any of the above listed GEAR documents then kindly share with me as this was freely available in advantage site long back.