Gateway Filtering for wM 601

I am having problems with the Filter option on the Gateway. The Broker Administrator provides instructions, however I continue to get one of two errors…
Error: the following Exception was thrown: Document type ‘0bad’ is not defined in the Broker.
Error: the following Exception was thrown: The filter ‘%accountingCenter% L_EQUALS ‘061’’ contains a parse error.

The filter is a simple one:
%accountingCenter% L_EQUALS ‘061’

The environment is a bit complex - There is one broker per broker server with each broker server in individual territories which is then connected to a global gateway. The global gateway then has various territories connected to their local brokers on the other end. I am able to do IS and Broker filtering without any issues, but the problem is that I have multiple brokers that subscribe to the same UDM based upon variables within the UDM. The filtering is redunant at the IS level and causes lots of traffic that is not necessary and sometime causes un-needed errors since the values being passed are for other brokers. I can create unique IS/Broker filters for each subscribing IS, but this then causes lots of maintenance on IS triggers that would otherwise be common across the environment.

Bottom line: Anyone get Gateway Filters to work on wM 6.0.1?