Gateway External server

can we have multy Registration Internal servers connecting to the same Gateway External server ?

and if yes the external gateway will forward the requests Round robin on the internal servers???

Will it be same external/internal registration port that you are trying to connect from multi IS?

It won’t be round robin but once the RG establishes with one IS connection all the requests goes to that Internal IS and if that IS is down the request will go to another connected Internal IS.

You can test the above and check it for more understanding and how it is working in your env ports setup.


Yes, take a look at the IS Administrator’s guide. There’s a section called Clustering in the Enterprise Gateway Configuration.

This is not quite right. Connections from all internal ISes to an EG’s registration port are held in a common pool (one pool per registration port). Connections are pulled from the pool to satisfy client requests, but the order is not guaranteed. As each request is responded to, the connections are put back into the pool. Since processing each request may take a variable amount of time, the order of the connections in the pool will get progressively randomized.

The intent of the EG server is not to distribute load but to protect the enterprise network by allowing requests to be processed without opening ports to the outside.