Garbage Collector - GC in wM 8.0

Can the Garbage Collector be scheduled to avoid being run randomly in wM 8.0? In other words, I know from previous versions GC will run randomly and blocks the transactions. I want to see if we can create a java service and schedule the GC as needed.

There are a couple of old threads on the forums that discuss the merits of running GC on-demand. The general consensus: don’t. It isn’t necessary nor helpful when the JVM is properly tuned.

The web should have memory-management tuning information for the JVM you’re using.

Thanks Rob.

Ramesh, I’m agree with Rob, but if you want to play with GC to check yourself and get your own experience, you have to create a java services with this line inside: System.gc();

We do have a java service with System.gc(), but this will not schedule GC to be scheduled at the time we want.

When I created the java service I put it into a flow service and schedule the flow service.

The Java service can be scheduled to run with any schedule desired using IS Administrator Scheduled Tasks.

Keep in mind, however, that a call to System.gc() is merely a request. It may or may not cause gc to be performed and it may be ignored completely.

i used to use runfinalization and system.gc() - it seemed to help otherwise the memory would go up to 90% degrading performance and even out of memory errors, since it wouldn’t garbage collect in time. Also increasing RAM helped, it seemed to be managed better with 4GB perhaps due to percentages at which it kicks in. of course there are inefficiencies in coding such as undropped objects, etc.

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