FTP Time out Exception

I am getting couple of files using FTP, processing the files and moving the files to an archive folder on the same server.

I am getting FTP time-out, when I try to move the files to archive folder  

com.wm.app.b2b.server.ServiceException: [ISS.0086.9194] Not logged in!

Can some one tell me how to increase the FTP session time so that, I don’t get the the error.

Thanks in advance…


In WmPublic.pub.client:login builtin Service, there is optional input parameter “timeout” jus set it according to your requirements,it’s defalut value is wait forever.
After getting files using FTP, explicitly Logout, so that session ends and when you are putting files again to same server perform following action:

you can perform the same steps for getting the files from server also.
kindly let me know your concerns.This is for IS601 SP2.

Puneet Saxena

In additional to putting the timeout , you might want to put the FTP connection steps in a REPEAT loop for x number of times with a certain lapse time.

Make sure you have a catch block finally and explicitly logout, as sometimes if you do not logout, some FTP sessions behave weird on next time connection.