FTP Problem with GXS

We’ve been having the problem lately where some EDI files we pull from our VAN(GXS) don’t terminate properly. Then, every time the hourly ftp runs to grab new files, it grabs this old file as well, causing duplicates. I then have to open a ticket with GXS and they have to release some rollback. It’s been going on now for a few months and I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem or if it’s a timeout or size constraint on our end that is causing the issue.

What do you mean exactly by “don’t terminate properly?” Does an error occur? Are you getting partial files?

We don’t receive any errors and we actually receive the entire file. I’m assuming it is not terminating properly because the response from GXS is that they have to release some rollback, which sounds to me like an error occured causing a rollback of the data. However, the files that this error occurs on are usually quite large, so I wasn’t sure if we were causing the rollback by having some ftp parameter set too low.

This does sound like a session timeout. Those usually only kick in when the connection is idle for a period of time. I guess I’d check to make sure that your retrieval service is closing the connection at all times. My guess is that the session isn’t being closed and GXS is timing out the connection, and assuming that the file retrieval failed.

That’s what I was thinking too. I’ll have to dig around a little more. Thanks for the reply.