Ftp get from Unisys Clearpath IX - account nbr problem

I am attempting the FTP between webMethods server and the Unisys Clearpath IX mainframe using the webMethods provided Built-in ftp service “pub.client.ftp”. My webMethods service has only one process (ftp) in the flow. I have set the initially input values to the flow as follows:

serverhost = mainframe host name 	username = my valid mainframe username
password= my valid mainframe password
command = get
localfile = IkecRqst.txt
remotefile = cji*cji600d01a. (the mainframe file I am trying to retrieve)

Get the following error
Need account for login

The problem is that the Unisys mainframe requires userid, password AND account code for logging in, while the webMethods provided ftp service allows only for a userid and password for logging in. Any suggestions on how to supply this additional parameter.


Bhoj Maheepathi

I have the same problem. I think the solution would be to create a Java service to perform the special login and pass back a sessionkey. I am trying to write this code, but I don’t know how a sessionkey is created or accessed.

Does anyone know how to create a valid FTP sessionkey in Java? I have code to logon to FTP servers and do FTP commands, I just need to know how to format a sessionkey and tie it to an object that the other FTP services can use.