Forums migration destoyed some code snippets

Hello software AG,

some of the code samples or snippets were destroyed by forums migration.

Here’s an example:



the sample above is topic 76564

If I enter a link, it is resolved immediately…[remove-this]76564

Maybe using the Justify markup before entering code snippets is what is needed. I used the 4 horizontal lines on the right end, just before the settings gear. I had to manually separate your example lines though. Hopefully starting with a fresh piece of code would allow copy and paste into the post and leave individual lines as individual lines.

Let’s see what this looks like when I post it. I’m not getting the preview like normal.

define data local
1 #a10(a10/1&
callnat ‘wordwrpn’ ‘xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx’ #a10()
display #a10(

  • Module:
    wordwrpn *
    define data parameter
    1 #input-parameter
    2 #string (A)
    1 #output-parameter
    2 #array (

Well, that looks better, but doesn’t look great.

I found your original post, finally. It looks fine, with the code showing up in a scrolling text box, left-justified and indented. I’m just not sure which control to use to get the same result.

Maybe the Upload button. It says it will insert images or text files, so maybe it’s a dual-purpose button. But it looks like the code would have to be in a text file, and the file would be uploaded as an attachment.

How did you create this post? Copy and paste out of the Natural editor?

Hi @Matthias1 and @George_Cooper,

When you want to paste a code sample or just a few lines you can use the preformatted text control:

With it the code you wrote will look like this:

Hope this helps.

Okay, here’s the first snippet on the old forum:

Looks like the parenthesis get broken and their unicode symbols are shown instead. Will check how to fix that for existing topics.
For new topics it works as Borislav suggested - just use the Code icon in the Editor:

    define data local  
    1 #a10(a10/1:5)  
    callnat 'wordwrpn' 'xxx xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxx xxx' #a10(*)  
    display #a10(*)  

This seems to happen with very old topics - the word-wrapping topic is from 2008.

Newer topic look fine to me:

How did you create this post? Copy and paste out of the Natural editor?

I’m quite sure it was out of the Solaris-editor. And that means: plain Text.

Hi Matthias, the messed up characters are fixed now. Let me know if it looks okay now or you find other issues.