Forming document dynamically

Hi, I am working on wm 6.0.
I want to form a document (Name-Value pair) dynamically at run time. Both the Name and Value has to come from pipeline. I can have a Value in the document by performing variable substitution but I can’t have the name dynamically.
Does somebody know how we can achieve this.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Akshay,
You can use a java service to get the name-value pairs. By methods getValue(), getKey() u can get them. These are the methods of IDataCursor Interface. For API see
webMethods6\Developer\doc\API\Java\index.html in ur webMethods installation directory.


Thanks Raghu, Do you mean to use setKey() and setValue() methods of IDataCursor interface. But how this will form a document object as an output ??
Do you have some code implementation where I can look into.

Thanks again.

Hi Akshay,
Will u please ur requirement clearly,then i could help you in sending the code.

Hi Raghu,
I have following parameters in the pipeline.
Name1, Value1, Name2, Value2, Name3, value3…and so on.
I want to form a document object (in wm 6.0) by using this Name/Value pair.
All these values are dynamic and can be different at different times.
(The problem is the Name is also dynamic beside value).


Thanks Raghu, This is what I was looking for.