Format AV in Predict

Hi all

In predict we have created a field with format AV (AlphaVar) with a length of 1000. :slight_smile:
In the maintenance of the file this accepts no hassles. :slight_smile:
My problem comes in when I try to generate the DDM. :frowning:
It reverts the field back to format A (Alpha) with length 253. :x
On our site we are using Predict 4.5.2, Adabas 8 and Natural version 4.1.3

We do have a work around by changing the field to be a MU with a format A with length of 250 with 4 occurrences but this just seems wrong if the use of a format AV can be used.

Help :?: :?:

It’s Natural 4.1.3 which is causing the limit cap of 253 bytes. If you upgrade to version 4.2.x, you can take advantage of the unlimited alpha.

Adabas 8, which you are using, supports it.

Hi Brian

Thanks for the quick response.
I see what you are saying but in my program I am able to create user variables that are greater than the A 253 limit.

However within predict I cannot create fields that are greater than A 253.

Are we then saying that the version of Natural together with predict only supports Alpha fields that are length 253 and less ?

That is correct. Natural 4.2 was enhanced to support all the Adabas 8 features, some of which were capabilities introduced with record sizes no longer being limited by block size. Unlimited alphas (CLOBs), BLOBs, outrageous MU/PE limits, etc are all part of that.

Your version of Predict supports Adabas 8 features, but your version of Natural does not.

I just want to confirm the natural version but that is what I see and what I have been told.

Thanks for the assistance Brian.