Form Feeds validation

i have the scenario like 3 dropdowns in the view and i put "Required " property as “TRUE” and also swithed-on the client side validations for all 3 dropdowns and the same i am refreshing one textInput control at onchange event of dropdown1

while changing the first drop down value it is validating remain 2 dropdowns which i have not gone through and the same showing the error message

how can i validate these dropdowns at form submit ( GO) time only.

please share ,if anybody have ideas to resolve this.

Hi Suman,

In the final submit button, use the javascript to validate the values of dropdowns.

Suppose the default values of dropdowns are ‘‘select’’, then dont allow user to submit. show popup’s using the same javascript to select the values from dropdowns.

hope this will be helpful.


Hi Sunil,

if i am correct , the javascript validation in final submit button should possible only if i use the Project template as “EmptyProject” and porlettype as “Generic” becoz ,there is no control on CAF controls in “searchApplication” project and “SearchBar” &“SearchResult” portlets

what else i can do in “SearchApllication” case.