FlowService Visualization


i am not sure if this is the right Category for this post, but i think this might fall in the category Tips & Tricks.

What i would like to know is: Is there a way to automatically visualize FlowServices in a good looking and easy understandable way? The XML Export of a FlowService is obviously not the right way :smiley: . Also the Layout option from the designer is not very good. It is nice to see the Program Flow but the specific actions of the particular pipeline are completely left out. To visualize the pipeline actions the option export to HTML can be used but here the program Flow is really hard to get.

What i would like to have is something like a composition of the Layout and HTMLExport Option. Is there anything you can suggest? Of course it is possible to do this by my self with some UML Modelling Tools but it would be much comfortable, if there is an automic way to do this. Any suggestions?


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You have some documentation creators in the code sample area which might help you.

Also, it seems the new 9.12 Designer has more flow visualization options.

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