Flow to Java

Can a flow service be converted into Java code? My thought is to have a flow service written convert it into java and can I use one of the available app servers and deploy the java code and libraries to do the integrations. I know Flow is a proprietary language but it will add flexibility.


“Generating Java Code from Service Input and Output Parameters”

Covert a flow service to java code, I think it’s possible. A flow service is actually an XML file, if you understand the flow language specification, then you can parse the XML content then execute the steps, it’s exactly what IS does.

Deploy the java code and libraries to other available app servers, I don’t think so. A flow service is actually an XML file, so it does little practical work, mostly it invokes other service. To deploy one flow service to other app servers, means you need to deploy all the services(flow, java, c and any other types), API, … The workload equals to write your own IS.

Hi Guys,

Does anyone achieved this ?. I have same requirement.

Interesting idea.
Not sure SAG can stop you to do so on any legal reason, but at least it’s not in their interest.
technically, converting the logic is not difficult, but having a stable runtime will be a challenge, you need to create the IS engine more or less.


But this will only generate a wrapper java service to invoke the flow service.
Not an equivalent java service doing the same as the flow service.