Flow services for documents


I need to know if there is a way for a given package to retrieve a list of documents that are on that package and it’s properties.

Been searching the documentation but cant find it… :confused:


Do you mean you’re looking for a service to return the list of document types defined within a particular package?

I don’t think there are any public services available. But you might find something that could help you do this within the WmDoc package. It is available from Advantage. A similar package named PackageDoc is in the Shareware section here has some services that might also help.


I need to scan a package for all documents definied in that package.

I will then need to loop over each document to search for a particular property.

I will look into the packages you refer.



I was able to list all documents ina package using the WmDoc.

I am still not able to check for a specific document if it is Guaranteed or Volatile. :o

Just a nitpick on terminology–you’re listing document types, not documents.

With the document type name, you should be able to get the properties of the document type. I think WmDoc has services that dig one more level down.