Flow Input for File Polling

I have searched through the 50+ manuals that 6.01 produced and have not found the answer:

I want to use the file polling port on Integration Server 6.01. Setting up the port is easy. The polling port picks the file up, submits it to a service and then moves it. In the old file i/o adapter, I thought the input was a byte array called “bytes”. This won’t work.

What I’d like to do, is poll a directory, parse the file, and insert the relevant data into a DB.

Does anyone know what the input parameter name is? I’m looking for an input like ($xmldata). I’ve used *bytes and ffData, and neither work.



I found the answer conveniently after I posted. For everyone’s benefit, here’s an exerpt from page 80 of the Flat File Schema Developer’s Guide:

  1. To poll for Flat Files, set the content type variable in the port administration screen for file polling port. Set Default Content Type to: application/x-wmflatfile
  2. Set a flow input variable named ffdata. IT IS AN INPUT STREAM, so you will need to use the pub.io:streamToBytes and then pub.string:bytesToString.

I would have thought a byte array, but this works like a charm.



I created Port and i set content type variable as application/x-wmflatfile ,it’s picking file but it is not getting data. so it going to error directory? what is the problem i am not getting

What is your service doing with the file contents? It appears that it is throwing an error so that is why the file gets moved to the error directory. Track down why your service is erroring out.

Now service is not throwing an error ,it’s returning string properly.previously i given ffData that’s the reason for throwing an error,i changed to ffdata. thank u…

you can also use “getTransportInfo” :wink: