flow creates document list to be looped over

I have searched the postings and don’t seem to find my issue…
I am missing something…

  1. I have a flow service that builds a Document list called PartyWRIList
  2. After building the list I loop over the data from PartyWRIList
  3. Single document appears in the results pane
    4 I branch on the data ( to build a string list )
  4. It responds to the branch statement as it should but…
  5. The data does not show in the variable I mapped it to AddressLine

I have tried to attach a screen shot.


This is just my insight and may not really related to your problem.
Some objects of webmethods which actually look like documents or string variables in Developer are not actually IData objects or strings. Even though you can loop through or map in the design time the runtime can not capture these values. One example is Service Signature object which looks like an IS document but you can’t get any value from it using mapping. For many of such objects the sequence documentToXmlString -> xmlStringToXmlNode -> xmlNodeToDocument saved the day for me (the result will have a slightly different structure for some elements) or I use a java service to access the object (in the above case a NSSignature object).