FlatFile convertToValues Issue

Hi Guys,

I am having an issue with convertToValues maybe one of you will be able to help me out. I build a FlatFileSchema that parases FlatFile correctly. Next I’ve build a flow to place the contents of the file into a document. In convertToValues I have mapped the “body” to “ffData” and then ffValues to the document “FFSDT”. For some reason I am getting lastError “[FFP.0018.0009] “.” I don’t understand why if getFile picks up FlatFile with data and FlatFileSchema is correct. Why am I getting “Input parameter ffData cannot be null” ?

Thank You in advance for any guidance!

So your flow is:

  1. pub.file:getFile
  2. pub.flatFile:convertToValues
  3. MAP ffValues to “FFSDT”

If this is correct, how are you mapping the Body returned by getFile? You can specify loading the body as bytes or stream. The default is bytes. If you load it as one type and map from the other, it will produce the error you list. If you map the entire document “Body” to ffData (which is what your post says) it produces a different error.


The getFile service has a parameter called loadAs. If you are not setting this then getFile will return a document called ‘body’ with a sub-element called ‘bytes’. Map the sub-element ‘bytes’ (/body/bytes) to ffData in convertToValues and it should work.



You map the getFile(LoadAs=Bytes)output body/bytes to convertToValues ffData object,it should work.



I think I did it right but for some reason still not working. If possible could you take a look if it is correct?


EFT2.zip (9.2 k)

Flat File Data
flat_file_data.txt (2.8 k)

Your outermost sequence is set to exit on success, so that when the getFile executes successfully, the service ends. When I put getFile and convertToValues inside the same sequence it works.



Hats off to you!!! :slight_smile:

Thank You VERY MUCH!