Flat Files

hello all,
I have a scenario as follows for fixed length flat file parsing.

Flat file is of fixed length(lets say some 100 characters )
Is there any possibility for parsing records with different lengths suppose (first record is of 100 and next record is of 150 characters) (records in same Flat file)in a correct order so that extra characters can be trimmed or validated instead of taking them as next field/fields of another record while parsing without errors in the same FFschema.

Any suggestions/solution form u guys is welcome.

yes, it is possible. go for fixed length field definition and then specify length of each field.

go through Flat file developer guide for more information

Thanks Mangat Rai for the reply…went through it how to read fixed length flat files with field delimiters and field length .But my query as posted above ,is it possible to parse records of different lengths for an incoming fixed length flat file in a FFschema so that the record with extra length cd be trimmed or validated with out errors instead of taking them as next field/fields of another record.If so how to identify the record with extra length as against the record length in record defintion?

If i understand correctly, you have a flat file which has n number of lines. and each line has few fields which can differ in length for each line?

May be i am not able to understand your requirement. could you please provide a sample data?


Mangat Rai…it’s not field length( can use delimiters also to separate fields) bt my requirement is not about fields and all about when each record length varies for an incoming flat file.The scenario is posted by Chinni Raj in the thread named "fixed Length flatfile with multiple records."Check this that is what the exact requirement is .