Flat File Question

Hi All,

I am a newbie to Web Methods.

I am currently working on the following requirement.

  1. I have created File Polling port in the Server Administrator to look at a specific location for files. I have pointed this Port to call a Flow Service which I created.

I am not sure what I need to do now to get the content of the File. I have created File Schema and File Dictionary. What method do I need to call inorder to validate the Input content and also store the Input Content in some other File Name.

Experts please help me.

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Pazhanikanthan. P


The file handling service will have an object in the pipeline called “*ffdata” (or something similar).

Use pub.flow:savePipeline to save the pipeline - put a file in the polled directory - wait for the polling interval and then use pub.flow:restorePipeline, you should to be able to test your handler to confirm that you are using the flat file services correctly.

Regards Nino.


Is is possible to get the filename in the Service which got processed,say for eg:

I have put “Sample.txt” in Incoming directory,I need to get the filename in the service which gets triggered when FlatFile adapter process this"Sample.txt" file.So that if any problem occurs in the Flowservice i can send out a mail saying "processing failed for the file



The file polling port puts a variable called “originalFileName” into the pipeline of your processing service that has the information you need. Try putting a “savePipeline” in and running a test through your processing service (then do a restorePipeline). This will show you what data is available.