Flat file parsing

i have to parse below fixed lenth text.

could you give me advice about making flat file schema

RECPDD 2007-06-19 08:57:11.0012007-06-19 08:57:11.001 FQA13N50CF BC7452502P 000000000001181KLMI1FGISPFQA13N50CF 2007-06-192007-06-1908:20:47.0013 20020111SUB_COMB 200725BC743110GP
RECPDD 2007-06-19 08:57:11.0012007-06-19 08:57:11.001 FQA13N50CF BC7452502P 000000000001172KLMI1FGISPFQA13N50CF 2007-06-192007-06-1908:20:47.0013 20020111SUB_COMB 200725BC744310CP
RECPDD 2007-06-19 08:57:11.0012007-06-19 08:57:11.001 FQA13N50CF BC7452502P 000000000001173KLMI1FGISPFQA13N50CF 2007-06-192007-06-1908:20:47.0013 20020111SUB_COMB 200725BC7452308P
RECPDD 2007-06-19 08:57:11.0012007-06-19 08:57:11.001 FQA13N50CF BC7452502P 000000000001143KLMI1FGISPFQA13N50CF 2007-06-192007-06-1908:20:47.0013 20020111SUB_COMB 200725BC74A1604P
RECPDD 2007-06-19 08:57:11.0012007-06-19 08:57:11.001 FQA13N50CF BC74G470BP 000000000001151KLMI1FGISPFQA13N50CF 2007-06-192007-06-1908:28:22.0013 20020111SUB_COMB 200725BC7452306P
RECPDD 2007-06-19 08:57:11.0012007-06-19 08:57:11.001 FQA13N50CF BC74G470BP 000000000001185KLMI1FGISPFQA13N50CF 2007-06-192007-06-1908:28:22.0013 20020111SUB_COMB 200725BC74A1607P

Read the flat file schema developer’s guide and work through the samples. If you have specific questions feel free to post them.

It looks like this is a fixedposition delimiter flatfile.So create a FFSchemaDefinition with record delimiter (newline) and while creating field definitions choosed fixed-width option and specify start/end positions and your Record Definition will be RECPDD (in the properties set maxRepeat=“unlimited”) and this way the records will parse successfully.Before creating schema you should note start/end field positions based on your functional mapping spec or anything helpfull that tells what the data is about.

Once you build the schema above use pub.flatfile:convertToValues service and check the parsing of the file with appropriate RECPDD recordlist with its field values.

Also refer the ISFlatFileSchema userguide on how to deal with flatfile schemas/dictionaries using WmFlatFile Adapter.


This is simplest of the flatfiles u can get ,if u can just read the flat file schema developers guide u can do it .if u have any perticular questions please post it on here.


I just found why it’s not works.

In manual, it have to set Default Record in case of Without using Record identifier except CSV file.
also It means it have to making a Flat file dictionary for referencing record.

Is It Right?

Could you give me advice about using FormatService?

i want to change data to below format.

source: 8


Basically you have to use WmFlatFile package locate formatService and copy this service into your custom package and build the logic to invoke pub.string:numericFormat WmPublic service and set the pattern (0000) and map num 8 it results out as “0008” and finally in the FFSchema under FormatService tab just locate your custom formatService.In the parsing runtime the schema will use formatService and outputs the expected value in the ffValues.

Please see the built-inservices guide about passing inputs to numericFormat service


Thanks for your reply.

In my case, I will use 50 over filed.
but each field has diffrent size.

it mean that i have to make 50 formatService.

is there are any options for reuse custom formatSerice?

Please advice

in dictionary u mention length of each field then create schema for that then select delimiter as record parser then mention delimiter for records and field and sub fields .