Flat File Multi Record Issue

I am trying to pull records from a DB table and create a FF with multiple records. My issue occurs in the Flow Service when I map the DB results to the FF Schema document type. My DB results are more than one record but when I map to the FF Schema document type and look in the results panel I only have one record in the recordset.

A (Max Repeat: Unilimited)
— Field 1
— Field 2
—>H (Max Repeat: 1)
-------Field 1
-------Field 2

When I test my FF Schema against a existing flat file result to verify my definitions the test is sucessful. I have deleted and recreated the FF document type in my Flow. I have no logs giving any hints as to what I’m missing.

I have attached screen shots of the FF Definition, FF Schema and results.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Arkad

Need more information on how you are mapping the fields from the results document list to the FF document type. You haven’t mentioned (nor can I determine from the screen shots) anything about using the addToDocumentList service, but you should be.

Here’s how you should map from results to A
Loop [input array = results]
—Map [fields from results onto a document type with structure same as A]
—appendToDocumentList [fromItem = mapped document of type A, toList=toList]
Map [toList to documentList of type A]


Thanks for your reply. I tried to use the appendToDocumentList as you suggested however I’m still getting incorrect results . I’m still getting only two rows in my flat file with one row representing the A record and the second representing the H record. I’m including the code and the result file. Any additional help would be appreciated.

Logility_LOM.zip (25.3 KB)