Flat File issue - problem with ConvertToString - no output s

I have read the Flat file documentation and checked the knowledge base to no avail. Please help me with this situation.

First of all, I have been working with WM 6 for about a year, so I have very limited experience with Flat files. Within my MapVarToFF service, I’m properly mapping my input variables to a flat file, but I’m having issues when it comes to using the pub:flatFile:convertToString service. My situation is that I am utilizing the convertToString, but the output string is completely empty and the errorArray is null, even though it seems that I have everything set up correctly.

Here are some observations:

Because of my limited knowledge, the schema and Flat file dictionary was built for me. The dictionary looks correct and the record identifier shows “recordWithNoID”. As for the schema, when I click the Flat File Structure tab, there’s only two things filled out in there: the Name and the Type. I see in the properties tab that it refers to the proper dictionary and the Name is recordWithNoID. Also, a schema document type was created.

As for the convertToString service, a document reference to the schema document type is linked to the ffValues document (service in of converttostring). If I click the + sign for the document reference, I see a document list called recordWithNoID and that list is linked to ffValues. The link is in blue. ffSchema variable of convertToString has the name of the schema hardcoded within it, and in Delimiters, I placed the pipe sign ( | ), because I need each output field to be separated by a pipe. Service Out is the string and the string is linked to the same string variable in Pipeline Out.

Does anything above sound incorrect? What can I check/modify in order to get some output? Everytime that I run this service, I can see in the Results section that ffValues is showing every single one of my fields, but the string constantly shows that it is empty. Please help with this, as I should have had this completed over a week ago.

Lastly: some of the fields in my input flat file are blank and will always be blank. Is that an issue?

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please check with your technical contact (for the case your are not able to get the readmes from the “Fixes to known issues”-section on Advantage) if you need to install additional SPs/Fixes, as there were quite some issues in the last months related to the convert*-Services in the FlatFile-Adapter.