Flat file from SAP to SAP BC

Hi All,

Could any one of you tell me about the feasibility of sending a flat file from SAP to SAP BC please ?

I’m in the phase of prototyping the requirement and this info would be very much useful.

I’d be interested to send the flat file to SAP BC through ALE layer(not through IDoc, as data doesn’t suit any IDoc) if possible and defnitely not looking at the option of BC polling SAP Application servre for the file.
Sorry, requirement is bit CHOOSY, i believe.

Thanks in advance…
Sreedhar K

Could you any one answer this please ?

Consultants created custom IDOCs for us in our shop to handle data that needed to go from SAP to BC, but didn’t seem to fit standard IDOCs.
These work well. Sorry, I don’t have more information on just sending a flat file to BC, but I suppose you could HTTP post it or FTP. BC handles both. Refer to the developer guide for these methods. Sorry not as much help as you needed, I suppose.