Flat File Creation

New user to Forum. I have read through post but no one gives a good step by step example of how to successfully create a flat file when reading records from a database table.

Can someone please specify how to accomplish the following scenario?

  1. Flat File schema defined with recordsWithNoID and 10 fields defined
  2. Using JDBC Select adapter returning 5 rows with 10 columns in document list.
  3. pass document list, ffschema and output filename to pub.flatfile:convertToString but still I only get one record in file.
  4. if I need to use documentListToDocument then what do I put in ‘name’ and ‘value’ if i have 10 columns.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Arkad

Make sure you have set the ‘Max Repeat’ property of your record in the FF Schema to ‘Unlimited’.


Thanks taurean for your help. I kept over looking the ‘Max Repeat’ property. Setting the property to ‘unlimited’ I was able to write mulitple records to the flat file.