flat file: convertToString empty variables


I have following problem with converToString. I’m mapping document list with various variable fields to ffValues and I’m also using ffSchema (defined as dictionary).

Resulting string contains all filled variables, but is missing empty/null variables (commas).

So when I have document for example with following strings:

Mystring1 = “1”
Mystring2 = “2”
Mystring3 = NULL (not filled)
Mystring4 = “4”
Mystring5 = “5”

using convertToString I get following resulting flat string:

flatstring = 1,2,4,5

but I would like to have:

flatstring = 1,2,4,5

Plz help, thank you

set noEmptyTrailingFields to false.

There is an option in the convertToString service,you got to enable it to false for noEmptyTrailingFields then you should see output 1,2,4,5 as expected incase data is null for that missing element.


Thank you very much. That works. I though that noEmptyTrailingFields should do something else:

Great,you are on the right track!!!