Fixes for webM 6.5. to install SIEBEL Adapter


I’m trying to install Siebel Adapter for wm65 and i readed in the installation guide that i need to apply the following fixes ID_6-5_Fix2 and IS_ART_6-5_Fix7 before the install siebel adapter, but i can’t find the fixes.[FONT=PalatinoLinotype-Roman][SIZE=2]

I already visited the page but i couldn’t find.

[/size][/font]Anyone now where I can find?



You would have to contact support to obtain these individual fixes. However, ID_6-5_Fix2 is rolled up into Developer 6.5 SP2 and IS_ART_6-5_Fix7 is rolled up into IS 6.5 SP 1. Both service packs were released just last week.


thanks Mark for the help.