fixed Length flatfile with multiple records

Hello All,

I have a below requirement and unable to prepare the ff schema for this. please help me to get this done.

Need to create a falt file which contains:

PO - repeating - no need to have this in flatfile
Header - 1 mandatory record - fixed length of 400 characters
Lines - 1 to many - fixed length of 210 character
Partner - 1 mandatory - fixed length of 120 characters
Desc - 0 to many - optional - fixed length of 100 characters

and this complete purchase order is repeating one, I mean in a single flatfile I may need to create multiple POs which has the above format.

as I am going to develop this as a fixed length file there are no record separator but how can I get Line, partner and Desc records in new line and what is the length that I should give in record length field.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Thanks Chinni Jay …U depicted this in scenario.This is what i’m looking exactly for solution in the thread i posted.Though i know how to do it in delimiter flat file,i could not find out for this problem.Waiting for suggestions and solution.

If there is no record separator, there should be a record identifier. You can use ‘EDI Document Type’ option in flat file schema to construct the desired layout.