First message not getting recovered in Queue


I am testing the messages getting recovered scenario in the Queue when the trigger is in suspended state.

Flow is message will be posted to Topic, from which it will be routed to Queue based on filter join.

When I post 3 messages from IS to Topic with the trigger in suspended state, 3 messages are getting recovered in Queue. Event count in UM is 3.

When source(API gateway) is posting 3 messages to Topic with trigger in suspended state, only 2 messages are getting recovered in Queue. First message is not getting recovered. Event count is 2. The Queue is receiving 3 messages, as pushed count is 3.

When the trigger is enabled, target is receiving the 2nd and 3rd messages only. First message is lost.

Not able to figure out the where the problem is.

Please suggest some solution to the same.


Hi techie,
Is there any difference in the properties of the 1st message to the other 3?