find whether the given service name is flow service or java service

Hi All,

Is there anyway to find out the given service name is a flow service or java service in my java code.

help me out :confused:

You can try “WmRoot/” and then the value “type>svc_type” will be “java”, “flow”, etc…

It’s available in 6.5 but I don’t know it is in the latest versions.

I’d be interested in knowing why this is useful in an integration scenario. Whether a service is FLOW or Java shouldn’t matter.

i’m writing a java code to find dependencies and references for the given service name.

for that i need to do check whether the given service is java or flow. thanks for all your replies. :slight_smile:

i tried WmRoot\ the output is fine type>svc_type but the ‘type’ is of object. how do i get the svc_type string out???

You may find the code within WmDoc, a utility/sample package from wM, to be helpful.


You can try “WmRoot/”. In the output there will be two variables “class” and “method”. these two fields will be present in output only for java services. So you can do a existence check for class or method variable to decide it is a java service or a flow service.