Find the transformers used.


I have a strange problem, i need to find out what are the transformers used in the flow services for all the interfaces in our project(around 50).
Is there any way tht i can find out wht transformers are used in one package or so without going thru all the flow services.

I don’t know if there is any service to accomplish that.

but if you’re on an unix system you can “try” this command when you are inside the directory of the package you want to analyse:

The part begining with “awk” is only for formating the output.

You can also implement a flow service to do the job.

  1. Get all the services in a given package
  2. get the references for each service
  3. In the references you get the paths where a particular service is invoked inside the flow.
  4. Check if the path has ‘MAPINVOKE’.