Find small character from incoming String.

Hi Experts,

Stuck in silly problem. Require your help.

I need to extract only small character from incoming string but unable to extract that. I tried through regular expression but couldn’t success in extract.

Kindly share your suggestion.


Can you tell us what that character is? Is it a special character?

In a normal case you can use string services like indexOf and substring to extract a single character.

Not a particular character but all small characters which are coming in string.


Thanks Sreenivas!!!

I already tried with indexOf and substring services but it is not sufficient for finding all small characters.


It is a tricky one…

Try the below logic it worked for me

1)get the length of the string

2)repeat over the length

3)use substring to get the current character(by using beging index and end index increment them at the end of repeat)

4)convert the currentchar to upper case using toUpper

5)Branch on condition %currentchar% != %uppercasechar% and map the currentchar to string list and increnet string list indices.

  1. After all characters are repeated you will get all the small case characters into the string list.

Attached is screen shot of the flow service

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Hi Kundleep

Are trying to extarct small characters from example string "AsdfG mean you want “sdf”

Is your question matches with above example?

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Too bad you are not working in a good programming language, like Natural :smiley:

A single EXAMINE… DELETE would suffice.

Thanks Sreenivas

Your example solved the query. It helped me to understand how to implement basic logic in webMethods.

@Steve: I’ll keep in mind for next time. Thanks.

@Sai:- Yes above example solved query.

Good to see it worked for you!!!