Filtering service on Reverse Invoke Server

Does anyone have any experience with a filtering service on the Reverse Invoke server? I’m trying to build one, but I didn’t manage to get any data. I managed to find out that the input parameter should be contentStream. I tried to convert this with bytesToStream, streamToBytes etc, but nothing seems to work.
Any suggestions?


Thanks. I just found this sample on advantage too. But I was hoping I wouldn’t need my Java manual, and just use some flow services.


Found it - pub.flow:getTransportInfo gives me all the info I need.

Hi Andre

I am looking to do the same thing, so were you able to us the service mentioned above without having to do any Java devs. If so how did you set this up on the RI server?

Thanks Natasha

Yes it worked, I’ve defined these extended settings:


and the service logging:logthroughput uses getTransportInfo to get the transport info. This contains all the information I need.