filtering empty array items

I need to filter out array iterations where all the array elements have empty strings or have zero values. Can I do the equivalent of "where isnull(field,’’)!=’’ "?


first of all - this doesn’t look like an installation issue, so I guess this isn’t really the proper forum that’ll trigger a lot of responses.

What language are you trying to read the database from ?

Cheers - Wolfgang

Just to add to Wolfgang’s post;

When you say “array” do you mean an array in a Natural program, or are you talking about either MUs (multiple valued field) or PEs (periodic groups) in Adabas?

When I say array I mean an OCCURS clause with a fixed dimension from a COBOL copybook. eg. OCCURS 100.
You see we are reading from a mainframe source with this kind of data definition. Most of the instances of the OCCURS are populated with blanks and zeroes. Nevertheless we are unable to prevent CONNX building a table and populating rows based on the number of OCCURS rather than being able to filter out empty records. This is what my original question is really about.

Ok, can you please post your question in the following forum so that the relevant experts see it ?

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