Filesize of a file available in FTP Folder

How to fetch the filesize of a file available in a FTP Folder.

Hi, Bhavani.

Using FTP, there is no easy way to get a filesize (i.e. there is no FTP command getsize).

Most FTP clients include the total file size in the first few packets. You could try to capture this information somehow (although I don’t know how).

Are you able to perform UNIX commands on the directory or log in using a different protocol?

Hi folks,
Finally we could get the filesize of a file in a FTP Folder

Use the QUOTE service of the FTP with input for “string” as
SIZE <filename>

Size of the file is available in the return message in the following format

213 <size>

213 is the return code, probably one can fetch the size by taking the substring of return message.


Hi, Bhavani. Thanks for keeping us in the loop on this. Well, <ahem> thanks for keeping me the loop, too. :slight_smile:

[url=“”][/url] supports your findings.

For those who wish to explore, the W3C FTP RFC can be reviewed at [url=“RFC 959: File Transfer Protocol”][/url]. The SIZE command is not specifically mentioned, so be sure to test fully in your own environment.

Thanks again, Bhavani.