Hi All,

I have configured a filePoller which will move the incoming file into my monitoring dir to the destined dir.once it’s successful it will call the processing service.In my processing service the first step is getTransportInfo followed by savePipelineToFile.Then in the actual code i have used restorePipelineFromFile.I have used it for debugging purpose.Yesterday my code didn’t work…the transport doc which is the PipelineOut for getTransportInfo didn’t give me filePolling information.The filename i had in savePipelineToFile was some aaa which will be stored in pipeline folder inside Folder IntegrationServer in local Installation.I just changed the filename to the filename of a text file located in my local system.saved it…the code is up and running fine…i get the required results now.Could You please let me know where i went wrong Yesterday.If i had…I’m a bit confused why getTransportInfo didn’t get me the filePolling information even when the filePoller was working properly .Thank you in advance.

Following are the basic working of a file poller
• FilePoller moves the original file to the working directory and rename it.
• You can read this file by using the “transport/filePolling/filename” variable from getTransportInfo output.
• Once your processing service has successfully completed the processing it moves the file to the done directory
• If processing service has got any error it will move the file to the error directory
Now If you are using savepipeline & restorepipeline then you must notice that the filename provided in “transport/filePolling/filename” as an output of restorepipeline has actually been moved to either done or error directory. So you would not be able to read the same file and your service will result in to an error. However a real time processing of file polling will still be working fine.

Hope it helps.

But actually i manually placed the file from completion directory to working directory.i had disabled all other steps except getTransportInfo and savePipeline for the first time…Eventhough the file is moved by filePoller there were no filePolling information found in getTransportInfo.