Filepolling Query

Hi to All,
I tried Inbound flatfile processing with pub.file.getFile, am getting output. But when I am trying to do same Inbound flatfile processing using Filepolling technique,my file is moving to error folder.Therefore I think there is some error in my second service.So please go through the attached snapshots and suggest me solution.

Thanks in Advance.

Inbound_FF_Ser.docx (595 KB)


As I see the Original filename does not contain the data from the file it just contains the file name.
that may be the reason for error…you can check it out by having a savepipeline in the code below getTransportInfo service.

In order to get the data to the file polling service you can have *ffData object in the input signature of the service
that oject will populated with bytes/stream of flat file data.

Hope this will solve your problem

Hi Sreenivas,
Thanks for your reply.I will try to run the service again by placing savepipeline in the code as you suggested.


Make sure you use getTransportInfo first step and then Savepipeline next…as the *streams data can’t be saved

Did you set the content type also on the file polling port settings?