Filepolling in 4 nodes

I am trying to process 20 files(20 mb each) using filepoller service on 4 nodes each having Thread counts as 5.
But it is picking 4 after 4 like that instead of picking all 20 files at once.

Filepoller Setting on each node is:

File Name Filter (optional) unspecified
File Age (optional) (seconds) unspecified
Content Type (optional) unspecified
Allow Recursive Polling No
Enable Clustering Yes
Lock File Extension (optional) .lock
File Polling Interval (seconds) 10
Log only when directory availability changes No
Directories are NFS mounted file system No
Cleanup Service (optional) unspecified
Cleanup At Startup Yes
Cleanup File Age (optional) (days) 7
Cleanup Interval (optional) (hours) 24
Maximum Number of Invocation Threads 5

Please suggest me any solution for this…
Thanks in advance…

What do you mean 4 nodes can you elaborate?

Also did you try increasing invocation of threads settings with big number?

20mb/EA is considered big and quite a big chunk…Can you set the content-type with streaming enabled?


Thanks for the reply,

4 nodes means, 4 Integration servers runnning on 2 different servers.(2 each)

You mean are the 4 cluster nodes trying to consume all at once the same folders/file access?

Also have to tried this setting?

Allow Recursive Polling
Number of files to process per Interval (optional)