Filepolling Concept - using try catch Sequence

Hi All,

I am working on Filepolling concept using webMethods integration tool and the file polling is working fine without using try-catch sequence mechanism like if any error happens the file is moving directly to error directory. But when i use try-catch sequence mechanism and implement it then i am facing an issue that the invalid file also directly moving to done directory.

As per the filepolling concept the file should be moved to error directory, so can you please any gave me idea that how can i get solve the issue. Is there any properties or configurations need to be set.


Hi Surya,
the concept of the file polling mechanism is that if the defined processing service is exiting with failure (i.e. Exception), then the incoming file is put to error directory, and if not it is moved from working directory to done directory. Catching your error let the service finish normally. So if you want the file being placed in error dir you should, as the last Flow Step in the CATCH block, call EXIT Step (EXIT with FAILURE, exit $flow, maybe set %lastError/error% as the error code, if you called pub.flow:getLastError as the first step in the CATCH block).


Hi @sagcskah,

Thanks for the solution and the issue is resolved. The file polling concept is working fine now as per the theoretical part.


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