fileName parameters from TN

Hi Group,

I am submitting EDI 835 file to TN thru filepolling, So I have configured filepolling port with all the parameters. I am getting bizdoc, sender, receiver information via wrapper service which I configured in Action Tab in TN. Now I need EDI file information like Actual FileName, File Size, File Creation/Modified date from where it exactly this file pickedup.( I need to send this info to database for auditing purpose). I tried using pub.flow.getTransportInfo built-in service in the wrapper service(which configured in TN>Action Tab) to get the file statistics but I am not getting filepolling information from the pipeline, instead I am getting transport/HTTP info from the pipeline. Also I tried using pub.flow.getTransportInfo service other way like, invoked this service in the filepolling “Processing Service” before submitting edi file to TN. I called this service first and mapped getTransportInfo output transport/filepolling to tn.receive input TN_params. Nothing worked out!!!

Is there a way to get file information?

Thanks in advance

You might use service to log the filename information etc…this will show up in the Activity log window or you can create custom attribute (fileName) in TN and then programatically you can update the attribute value that you extract from the getTransportInfo service…

This way TN db has all the custom values used for any auditing purposes.


I have created new attribute called ‘fileName’ in Document Attributes, then specified this newly created attribute in processing rule, I selected Operator “Is not null”. Then Programatically updated this attribute from filepolling processing service as you suggested. Still I did not get any output in bizdoc attributes.

You may be stuck. Since the document is EDI, the document type configuration cannot be modified. And that’s what would extract the filename from the TN_parms variable. So I’m not sure what you’re trying to do is doable, though I may be overlooking something.

Are you trying to update EDI document attribute or custom doctype?? this solves the confusion…You cannot edit the EDI 835 document type

Also you don’t need to specify the document attribute in the processing rule…and the custom attribute will show up in the bizdoc once you created/populated…


I thot that I should add a new attribute in Document Attributes in TN and specify the document attribute in the processing rule. Then where should I add custom attributes(which menubar option I have to take). I selected DocumentTypes option then in the menu bar I selected Types option then clicked on Document Attributes. There I added Document Attribute called fileName and clicked OK. From my filepolling service I invoked setAttribute service to set fileName attribute and invoked updateAttribute to make effect the same.
I have attached the filepolling service package, please have a look over it and correct me where I am doing wrong. (5.36 KB)

You are on the right track…wonder why you still not seeing the updated value…

The set and update attribute for the bizdoc should work…Is the bizdoc you see in the pipeline??

Also check the info of related services




Now I can see the fileName attribute in the X12Envelope under attributes list, but still I am not getting this attribute in bizdoc? any suggestions how to get(read) X12Envelope attributes?

Are you seeing “editn_env” document in the pipeline?? This is the pipeline document when you use X12Envelope as the documenttype in the ProcessingRule

But i believe you can’t edit/update EDI document persisted in the TN.


I see that (fileName attribute) in the TN Console not in the pipeline…

You will not see the fileName attb in the bizdoc pipeline,but you need this bizdoc object which input to setAttribute (name/value) input and then updateAttribute to work.

And then check in the Transaction Analysis section click on the the X12Envelope Document the Attribute display section will have attribute called “fileName” with its value that u updated above.



I did the same thing which you have mentioned above!!! I am able to see fileName in Transaction Analysis> X12Envelope>Attributes> ‘fileName’… but how do I get this value into pipeline inorder to use this value for further processing??

You may use the…

bizdoc or editn_env pipeline documents will have the attributes or ID’s to retrieve.

Also review the TN BIS documentation for more info…

RMG is to view the properties of an attribute not the run time values I guess!
(This is seems like a simple task, dont know why I am not achieving this…!)

You can also use tn.doc:view (map the bizoc/InternalID) to it and it will have the bizdoc attribute/value as well and try test it.


Nothing is working out!!! this service also not extracting fileName attribute from X12Envelope>Document Attribute list…

What exacty you are trying to do?? Did the updateAttribute worked and are you able to see the value in the TA Attributes section??

Why dont you extract the value from the bizdocEnvelope from the doc:view??


Yes, updateAttribute is worked and I am able to see the value in X12Envelope document in TN Console, I am not able to get the run time value into pipeline…

It wont be in the bizdoc pipeline…but you got to use the tn.doc:view and extract the attribute/value from the results in the downstream process…