File upload in webMethods

Hi Folks,
I would like to know what are different types of file upload supported by webMethods 10.11?

I mean what are different options to upload some file in webMethods?

For example:
I know we can upload file to some FTP/SFTP using webMethods integration
I know we can use polling feature to monitor specific file(s) and invoke some flow service in response and move/upload files to some directory etc

I would like to know are there any other options for file upload as well besides above mentioned two?

I am new to webMethods and don’t know much about its capabilities. If SFTP upload and polling are the only two features then I know about them and if there are other options as well then I need to learn & explore them as well.

Any comments or guidance from existing webMehtods users / experts is much appreciated.

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If it is only the Integration Server, then maybe you would like to check out How to capture file upload Content from dsp page - Forum - webMethods - Software AG Tech Community & Forums
You have mentioned webMethods 10.11, is there a larger product set that you are working with? If yes , there are many other means of file uploads, please mention the exact usecase to get more pointed answers.


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