File Polling results in Corrupt files

Hello all,

We are using an interface between 2 environments and we use IOAdapter to import and export files to the other machine.
The past 2 days I’ve caught 2 files who were ‘corrupt’ for my delimited-input-operation.
The files seems to ‘stop’ without reaching its end.
The guy in charge of the other machine says the file was exported correctly on his machine.

The files aren’t particularly large, one was about 12kb, the other was about 20kb

The shared directories we are using are IFS on an AS400 machine.

Our thoughts are:
Is it possible that XPI ‘fetches’ the file before it’s written completely in the polling directory? (although this seems impossible to me as I expect a file lock while it’s being written) This would be a case of ‘bad timing’ then…
Or should we look for network glitches?